Client References

I am so thankful for these clients who graciously offered to share some of our journey together:

"Julie has helped me with a myriad of issues but none greater than dealing with the emotional rollercoaster I’ve let the power of food have in my life.  Julie personally understands on a level that I can have complete faith in her.  BeforeI felt like no one understood and this was where I was going to be stuck; overweight and miserable. I’ve finally found a therapist who gets me, believes in me, encourages me, teaches me, and cheers me on."


"During my time with Julie, she helped me learn my worth, find my own voice, thoughts, needs, and wants, and always seek my peace and what feels right to me. She empowered me to evaluate healthy boundaries and made me realize, I’m in control of the interactions I’m a part of and I have the ability to dictate how I’m treated, who I interact with, and what I do! Julie helped me grow into a strong, healthy, confident, Godly woman!" 


​"Julie is a first-class therapist in a number of ways. She seeks to really understand where you are so she can help you get where you want to go. She doesn’t seek to impose her views on you to change who you are. She is excellent at reframing issues and experiences to help you gain a new perspective. She somehow is able to give advice and point out things that might be simple but are miraculous turning points in your journey. She cares about what matters." 



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